Why Should You Upgrade Your Factory Head Unit To Include Apple Carplay?

If you're looking to integrate your phone with your car, you'll usually have three options: standard Bluetooth pairing, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The former option provides some bare-bones functionality, usually in the form of hands-free calling and audio mirroring. Manufacturers have included this option in their vehicles for well over a decade now.

The latter two options provide a much richer experience, however. If you drive an older vehicle, you may be thinking about upgrading your factory head unit to an aftermarket model that includes more advanced integration. However, you may want to consider installing an upgrade that keeps your existing head unit while adding CarPlay functionality.

The Advantages of Factory Head Units

Factory head units used to be much more straightforward than those found on cars today. Many older radios included only basic functionality, with a tape deck, CD player, or aux jack for additional options. As cars became more sophisticated, manufacturers installed more advanced equipment that included Bluetooth, built-in infotainment systems, and GPS navigation.

It's now nearly impossible to find any vehicle that doesn't include a large touchscreen display that integrates many of the car's entertainment features. This display may also have other critical uses, such as diagnostic displays or even HVAC controls. Removing the factory head unit can therefore mean removing essential functionality from your car.

Large displays also tend to dominate the cabin more than the old-style single-DIN and double-DIN radios. As a result, aftermarket radios can stand out more and create an appearance that many people may not enjoy. Keeping your factory head unit allows you to maintain your car's stock appearance, avoiding an inconsistent look that may be distracting or even detract from resale value.

Adding More Functionality

Fortunately, you don't need to give up your car's factory radio to add more functionality. The large screens found in many modern vehicles aren't significantly different from your television or computer monitor. Although few manufacturers include a straightforward way to connect to these screens, clever engineers can still tap into the displays to add extra functionality.

In most cases, you can add CarPlay to your existing radio by installing a kit that includes a control module and several cables that piggyback on existing data and power lines. By installing one of these modules, you can add advanced phone integration to your car's factory head unit without modifying your car in a way that will impact its resale value or core functions.

Adding something like CarPlay support is an excellent option if you're looking for a way to upgrade your car's functionality without losing its factory polish or functionality. By taking this approach, you can bring your car into the 21st century while still getting to enjoy everything you already love about it.

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