I have over 25 years of experience helping small businesses gather, organize, and use information effectively. I focus on what you are trying to accomplish and help you develop practical, cost-effective methods for achieving your goals. I work with computers and computer networks, but I see technology only as a tool for running your business better and with less effort.

I understand how businesses work.

I offer some packaged software, written with a database management program called Alpha5. All of my packages can be easily customized for your business. I can also help you get the most out of software packages you may already be using by extracting information from these using Crystal Reports or Excel.

I can be your IT department.

While many of the projects I do for clients are small and time-limited, I also provide information systems management services for some clients on an ongoing basis. If your company has grown to the point where the office manager can no longer handle your computer systems, but you're still too small to need a full-time IT manager, you need my services.

I can help:

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