Ways To Prevent Rust From Damaging Your Car

If the paint on your car gets scratched or damaged, rust can begin to form on the exposed metal. Unfortunately, when untreated, the rust will eat away at the metal, compromising its strength. As such, you want to treat the affected area immediately. Here are a few different options for treating the area. Remove Rust as Soon as it is Spotted

When you notice rust, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. The easiest way to remove small amounts of rust from a vehicle is to use a fine grit sand paper and gently rub the rust away. There are also rust removing soaps and products that can be used, though those can be more expensive.

Use a Rust Protection Spray

A rust protection spray is extremely easy to use. It works much like hair spray or spray paint. You simply shake the can and spray it evenly over the affected area. A rust inhibitor spray can be used on already rusted area to help prevent the rust from spreading until you have time to remove it. It can also be sprayed on an area from which you have recently removed rust to help prevent the rust from reoccurring in the area.

Paint and Seal the Damaged Area

The last way to prevent rust from damaging your car is to paint and seal the affected area after you have completely removed the rust that already exists. Never paint or seal over rust, as the rust still remains in the metal and will continue to eat through it underneath the paint. Luckily, painting and sealing the affected area is relatively easy. Simply buy a small container of touch-up paint that matches the color of your car. The touch-up paint is in a small container that contains a brush similar to that in a nail polish container. Brush the paint on and allow it to dry. If needed, apply one or two more coats to match the color of your car completely. After the touch-up paint has been applied, you can either paint or spray on a sealant product. A sealant helps prevent moisture from seeping into the metal, while also prolonging the lifespan of your paint. 

Removing rust, using a rust inhibitor spray and/or painting and sealing the area affected by rust on a car are the best ways to prevent rust from ruining your automobile. If you notice rust, take action to prevent the rust from causing substantial amounts of damage to your vehicle. If the rust has eaten a hole in the metal of your car, you will need to take it to an auto professional to have the panel replaced.